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The Council has already created medium-density residential areas in Johnsonville and Kilbirnie, and we will also work with local communities to identify aspects of the town centres that could be improved to better accommodate an increased population.

Medium-density housing

Medium-density housing developments have several benefits. They provide:

  • options for new home buyers that suit their needs, such as a one- or two-person home, family home, or place to retire
  • ownership options for investors and homeowners
  • a range of affordable housing
  • better use of limited land near town centres
  • compact development, which is energy efficient
  • good quality living environments for residents
  • close proximity to amenities, convenience retail and main transport routes.

The Council is currently carrying out consultation to inform development of a plan change for medium-density housing. We will be visiting Island Bay, Khandallah and Newlands in October/November, and revisiting Tawa and Karori in November following an earlier consultation in March/April of this year.

Town centre planning

Alongside the medium-density housing work, we are developing town centre plans for Karori and Tawa. A town centre plan is about managing change and coordinating public and private investment so the town centre is more attractive, vibrant and can respond to the changing community’s needs. The plan:

  • identifies issues and opportunities around a centre
  • provides a long-term vision for the future
  • recommends an action plan action to achieve the vision.

The types of initiatives the plan could include are:

  • street and public space upgrades
  • pedestrian safety improvements
  • infrastructure upgrades
  • making better use of Council-owned land
  • changing parking provisions
  • setting up a business improvement district (BID)
  • branding and marketing of the town centre and suburb
  • working with land owners and developers to enable good quality developments.


Karori 2019, Tawa 2020

How much?

Each town centre upgrade has received $1 million in the Long-term Plan for initial work.

Key projects in our plan